Frequently Asked Questions
The following Frequently Asked Questions are a supplement to the Troop 10 Guide. The FAQ is designed to provide quick answers to specific questions. New or prospective scouts and parents should view the New Parent Orientation presentation and read the Troop 10 Guide to get a general understanding of how the troop operates.

List of Questions

What do I do with wet tents?

After a campout, the scout may bring home a wet tent and fly. Please let them air dry, fold the tent as shown here and fold the fly as shown here, and return them at the next troop meeting or as advised by the troop quartermaster. Thank you for your help maintaining Troop 10's equipment.

How do I email to the troop?

A common mistake in the use of the Yahoo! group is to try to send something from the Yahoo site. The best way to send a note to the Troop 10 Yahoo! group is by sending an e-mail to It is just like sending an e-mail to anyone else. There is a mailto: link on the Troop website to make sending easier. Once you have sent your email, the group's moderators are notified since all email is reviewed and approved for distribution. This review process can be very quick or on occasion has taken a couple of days if the moderators are not checking their email. Only those types of announcements you would stand up and make at a troop meeting is appropriate for the email list.

General Policies

  1. Uniforms
  2. How do I get expenses reimbursed?
  3. What are the troop leadership positions (Positions of Responsibility)?


  1. What should I bring for cold-weather camping?

Merit Badges

  1. Where can I get a Merit Badge booklet?
  2. Which badges are Eagle required?


  1. How do boys advance in rank?
  2. What are the participation rules?
  3. I've done the work, what next?
  4. What is a Scoutmaster conference?
  5. What is a Board of Review?


  1. What is Napowan?
  2. Where is Camp Napowan located?
  3. When does Troop 10 visit Napowan?
  4. What activities are available at Napowan?
  5. Who should go to Napowan?


"Class-A" refers to the official Scout uniform shirt, neckerchief and slide (either the old or new uniform designs).

"Activity Shirt" refers to any official BSA or Troop 10 shirt, such as the old Red BSA activity shirt or the Green Troop 10 T-shirt; a Class-A uniform shirt (with or without neckerchief and slide) may always be substituted.

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How do I get expenses reimbursed?

To get reimbursed for patrol meal expenses, fill out and submit the campout meal expenses form for either the scout patrol or adult patrol along with your receipts within 2 weeks of the campout.

For all other expenses, contact the Troop treasurer.
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What should I bring for cold-weather camping?

Refer to our cold weather camping checklist.

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Where can I get a Merit Badge booklet?

Troop 10 maintains a lending library of merit badge booklets. The Barrington Library also carries various Merit Badge booklets that you can check-out. Finally, booklets may be purchased at the Pathway To Adventure Scout Shop for a nominal fee.

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Which badges are Eagle required?

Required badges are described in the Merit Badges section.

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How do boys advance in rank?

As explained in the Scout Handbook, the boys advance through the various ranks by earning the necessary merit badges and completing the required activities. The Handbook defines the requirements for each rank. For "Scout Spirit", Troop 10 uses a Troop participation rule as defined below.

When the Scout has met the requirements, including any service hours and positions of responsibility, he must meet with the advancement coordinator to verify eligibility to advance, schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and then schedule a Board of Review. Once the Board of Review is complete, the Scout officially advances in rank and any further activities count towards the next rank. The Scout receives their new rank insignia at the next Troop meeting and is formally recognized at the next Court of Honor.

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What are the participation rules?

Troop 10 uses two guidelines, one for meeting attendance and the other for troop activity participation, and both of these guidelines must be met before a Scoutmaster Conference is given. The guidelines require (1) 60% attendance at Troop meetings in any 3 consecutive month period since last rank advancement and (2) four activities within any consecutive six months since last rank advancement and must include at least two overnight camping nights. Meeting participation is taken from the attendance sheets, so be sure to sign in. Approved activities are camp-outs and only SPECIFIC troop activities as listed in the Troop 10 Guide. These activities include things such as the First Aid meet, Klondike, Troop TLD, Scout Sunday, BUMC workdays, Memorial Day Parade, Napowan campsite clean-up and OA conclaves/fellowships/trainings. We realize that there may be unavoidable conflicts between sports, school activities and Boy Scouts. But with some advanced planning on the timing of advancement, the Scout can easily avoid these conflicts and participate in the Troop as required.

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I've done the work, what next?

As the boys work on the required activities, they get their book signed off by an Assistant Scoutmaster or a scout of suitable rank. When the Scout has completed all of the requirements for the next rank, they make arrangements with the advancement coordinator to review their Handbook and record their accomplishments in the Troop's record keeping system. After their Handbook has been reviewed, the Scout must schedule a Scoutmaster conference and attend a Board of Review.

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What is a Scoutmaster conference?

The Scoutmaster conference is a brief meeting between the Scout and the Scoutmaster or designated Assistant Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster uses this time to review the advancement request.  SM conferences are best scheduled for times other than Troop meetings; the Scoutmaster can be very busy at both normal and PLC meetings.  Campouts, especially on Saturday afternoons when the primary activity is complete, are a great time for a conference.

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What is a Board of Review?

After the Scoutmaster Conference, the Scout participates in a Board of Review (BOR). The BOR is comprised of parents and adult leaders that are NOT Scoutmasters. The adults will typically ask the Scout questions about their scouting experience, which events they liked or disliked, what new skills they learned, and generally ensuring the overall quality of the Troop by discussing the program with each Scout individually. So that there are enough adults to conduct the BOR, we ask the parent of each Scout requesting a BOR to stay and participate in BOR for other Scouts. BOR are conducted at the Monday PLC meetings.  Please make prior arrangements for a BOR with the Advancement Chair.

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What is Napowan?

Camp Napowan is one of two Boy Scout camps owned and operated by the Pathway To Adventure Council, of which Troop 10 is a part. (The other is Camp Lakota near Woodstock.) Camp Napowan covers approximately 400 acres in central Wisconsin. The camp has 2 water program areas, 3 shooting ranges, a nature area, a COPE course and a "frontier village". Napowan is the center piece of the Council's boy scout summer activity program.

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Where is Camp Napowan located?

Camp Napowan is located in central Wisconsin near Wild Rose, WI. Directions to Napowan are available at the council's web site.

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When does Troop 10 visit Napowan?

Troop 10 goes to Napawon for the first 2 weeks of the summer camp season. This is typically the last week in June and the first week in July. Check the troop schedule for the exact dates. Each week-long session lasts from Sunday to the following Saturday. Scouts can attend either or both week-long sessions. Check out the Napowan page for specific information.

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What activities are available at Napowan?

There are many activities at Napowan and the Scout can work towards several merit badges. Many of these badges are Eagle required and some are difficult to get anywhere but at Napowan because they have the facilities and councilors readily available. Napowan has 2 water program areas, one for swimming and one for small craft sailing, 3 shooting ranges, for archery, rifles and shot guns, a nature area for environmental-related badges, and a "frontier village" for craft-related merit badges. Refer to the Napowan Summer program guide available under the "CAMPING" link at the council's web site for details of the program offerings.

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Who should go to Napowan?

Everyone! New scouts must have attended at least one monthly Troop 10 campout before being eligible to attend Napowan summer camp. New Scouts and transitioning Webelos should joint the troop before the end of April since the last monthly campout is in May.

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What about parents?

The troop needs adult leaders to help at Napowan. This can be a fun and rewarding opportunity for moms and dads to be with their son and also experience the Napowan programs. Parents staying overnight at camp must be trained and registered adult leaders. Specific training requirements are listed on the Training page. Further information about helping at Napowan will be distributed during camp sign-up.

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