Troop 10's fundraising activities provide the boys with a means to raise their own money to help pay for their Scouting experience. A portion of the sales made by each Scout goes into a "Scout account" for that Scout and may be used to pay for campouts, summer Scouting activities, and Scouting/camping equipment; the exact details vary by fundraiser.  The fundraisers also help support the Troop and the Pathway To Adventure Council.  Participant-only special fundraisers may be held to raise funds for specific high-adventure trips.

Remember to wear your Class-A uniform while participating in fundraising activities.

We are selling TRAIL'S END POPCORN again! Order forms and prize forms for all scouts who are interested in selling popcorn are now available. Scouts can earn money to pay for campouts this year by selling popcorn in person, by telephone, and on-line sales. Set your goals, put on your uniform, and go for it! Please remember to use safety precautions like the buddy system, going to homes of people you know and coming home before dark. Remember you will be earning prizes and gift cards, while pumping up your Scout Account. All orders are due by Wednesday, October 14th. Please collect all payments in cash or checks made out to B.S. Troop 10 while customers are placing their orders. Please turn in the money on Wednesday, October 14th and also turn in the Popcorn Prize form if you sold $175.00 or more of popcorn. Customers may pay by credit card by ordering from you on-line. Popcorn will be available for pick-up sometime on or after Saturday, November 7th.

2016 Sales instructions

2016 Wreath Brochure
2016 Customer Order form. Print off as many as you need.
2016 Sales Summary. Return with checks payable to Troop 10.

October 12th -- Final wreath orders and check(s) made payable to Troop 10 due. NO late orders will be accepted.
November 26th -- Pick up wreath orders at Hager's, from 9 a.m. until noon. (Note: This is over Thanksgiving break.)

Spring 2017 in downtown Barrington.
Sale hours: Exact dates and times TBD.

The plants are all perennials trucked in from an outstanding nursery in Michigan. Each plant is healthy and established so transplanting them to your yard or flower box will be easy. We sell our plants at great prices and we get customers back every year.