High Adventure
Troop 10 is currently planning the following high-adventure trips:

It's not too late to start planning for the following year's high adventure trips.

Napowan Adventure Base

If your son has been to Napowan a couple of times, he may be ready for something more. Similar to Blue Goose in the past, Napowan Adventure Base is coordinating a number of different high adventure trips. If you are interested in leading your son and some of his fellow Scouts on one of these adventures this year, please see Mr. G.

Other than SCUBA, all of these high adventure experiences are intended for the older Scout, 13 or older by January 1st and at least a First Class Scout.

FLAMBEAU CANOE TRIP: Five days and five nights (Sunday - Friday) canoeing in the famous Flambeau Wilderness Area of northern Wisconsin. Travel through wetland areas, the Flambeau Flowage, and brave the white water of the north fork of the Flambeau River. See nesting areas of Eagles and Osprey. Hear the haunting melodic call of the loon at sunset. Experience a plethora of wilderness flowers and birds. Fishing for walleye, bass and muskie are abundant in these waters.

PORCUPINE MOUNTAINS WILDERNESS AREA TRIP: Five days and five nights (S-F) backpacking in the famous Porkies Wilderness Area of Michigan’s upper peninsula. Hike one of the few remaining large wilderness areas of the Midwest. Towering virgin timbers along the shores of Lake Superior provide a setting for the trails leading to secluded lakes, wild rivers, waterfalls, and across an escarpment offering breathtaking vistas.
Plan on a minimum of five hours of backpacking each day and at least 20 miles over the extent of the trip. The requirements for the Backpacking and Hiking Merit Badges plus some of the 50 miler requirements can be fulfilled with this opportunity.

DEVIL’S LAKE ROCK CLIMBING TRIP: 3 days 2 nights of the challenging cliffs of Wisconsin’s Devil’s Lake State Park. These mountain cliffs have been tempting individuals for hundreds of years and now you can try your hand at reaching the top by learning how to use various types of equipment. Participants will be able to enjoy the tranquil setting of Devil’s Lake after a hard day conquering the parks various canyon walls. The requirements for the Climbing Merit Badge can be fulfilled with this opportunity.

SCUBA CERTIFICATION AT DEVIL'S LAKE: 3 days and 2 nights at Devil's Lake undergoing qualification and certification for the SCUBA experience. Through a contract with a local PADI firm, we offer this unique opportunity to learn how to experience life under the water. This high adventure experience is intended for the older Scout (14 years or older by April 1st, and must be at least a First Class Scout.)

BIKING / KAYAKING: What better way to explore the heart of Wisconsin than by traveling the quiet country roads or paths on a bike with little or no motorized vehicles. Over 120 miles of selected routes await the challenge of this two day trip. Follow this experience with a day of kayaking the waters in and around the Sparta, Wisconsin area. These waters include some minor falls and whitewater opportunities. This trip will take place out of the Sparta, Wisconsin area where you will be camped every night providing a chance to ease your sore limbs and recount the exploits of the day. This trip is not for the faint of heart (or legs) and will be more of a challenge than it sounds.

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High-Adventure Trip Planning

Our high adventure program is designed to keep the older Scouts interested and involved in the Troop. Below is a collection of possibilities for high adventure trips. Interested adult leaders should start planning 12 month or more in advance to reserve dates and get commitments for adult trip leaders. All high-adventure trips must be approved by the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee.

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