Life to Eagle Information

What do I need to do to advance from Life to Eagle?

Congratulations on earning the Life rank. You must complete all the requirements of Tenure, Scout Spirit, Merit Badges, Position of Responsibility, Project and Scoutmaster Conference. Please read this entire document prior to meeting with Mr. Jackson to discuss your advancement plans. The To Do Checklist is a very effective tool to track your progress.

The Pathway to Adventure Council has a great Eagle Resources webpage to put you on the right path to obtain this incredible achievement.

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How does one go about completing an Eagle Project?

Start the process by reviewing your project idea with Mr Chapman after you have read documents #1 below. You will be asked to write up a 1-2 page summary and have it reviewed by him before you are assigned to a Troop 10 Life to Eagle Advisor. You will need to use the Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook (BSA Publication 512-927) template (item #2 below). House the Workbook in at least a 2" binder which you will bring with you to any and all meetings. That troop adult will work with you until you're ready to present a written proposal to a Troop 10 committee. Most boys meet with that group at least twice before the Troop approves of the project and gives you a District contact person to reach who will assign a District Eagle advisor. From that point on the District Eagle advisor will be the individual who will guide your progress towards Eagle.

1) Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook

This will need to be the foundation of your binder and contains the "signature sheet" which you will use to collect four signatures before the project can start. Typically this is signed first by the Troop 10 committee, then by the Scoutmaster and non-profit organization representative benefiting from your project, and finally by the NWSC District Eagle Advisor. Some District Advisors will be happy to let you reference your write-up within this work-book while others will ask you to cut and paste into this document.

2) Eagle Scout Rank Application

This is needed only towards the end after your project is completed and it is submitted with your book to council.

Eagle project information

Here is a sampling of recent Eagle Project flyers:

    Jon C. -- Items for the Crow Creek Indians.
    Kevin J. -- Creating a planting area.
    Phillip G. -- Building a playground.
    Eddie T. -- Biking trail.
    Ed T. -- Bike trail.
    Matt K. -- Grigsby Nature Preserve.
    Daniel W. -- Items for Elgin Crisis Center.


If materials or supplies are needed, the scout should plan to raise funds or get donations for his project. Popular sources include:

Eagle-related web sites

Here are a number of good Eagle-related Web sites: