Troop 10 puts safety first and properly trained Scouts and Scouters (adult leaders) are critical for the safe and efficient (and fun) operation of the troop. The Troop's ability to offer certain activities, such as climbing or canoeing campouts, depends on having the appropriately trained adults. Troop 10's Training Coordinator helps ensure that the required training is available as needed.

Adult leaders and parents in the Troop may want to take various training courses offered by the District and should consult the Council's web site for information. More information about online training courses is available at

When doing online training you can sign on with your Person ID number (found on your membership card) and our council is "Pathway to Adventure - Mount Prospect, IL - 751". If you don't know (or have) your BSA member number you can leave it blank. You don't need to be a registered member to take the online courses or the locally offered courses!

Please use this form to update our training records.

Safe Sanctuary
Safe Sanctuary training is required for all adult participants in BUMC programs and thus required for adults in Troop 10. This training is offered as needed, typically when new Scouts join in the Spring. The training consists of a brief instructor-led session. This training is REQUIRED once.
Youth protection training covers the BSA's Youth Protection policies, kinds of abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to disclosure of abuse, and proper reporting procedures. This course is offered online and all adult leaders should take this course.
Fast start course is the best way for someone new to the program to quickly grasp how troop Scouting works and where additional resources can be found. This course if offered online.
Safety Afloat training is required of the adult leaders before any trip on the water (canoe, raft, sailboat, motorboat, rowboat, tube, or other craft). This course is offered online and a periodic refresher is recommend.
Safe Swim Defense training is required of the adult leaders before swimming activities of any kind. This course is offered online and a periodic refresher is recommend.
Hazardous Weather
At least one adult leader will be required to have Hazardous Weather training for all campouts that require a tour permit.